Källman's Artist Colours

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The Källman Artist colors©

The story

Just like the French artist Yves Klein, Vedic Art founder Curt Källman wanted to impregnate his artwork with his consciousness. Art is something deeply personal, where the artist’s heart and soul are to be found in both the process and in the finished art piece. Sometimes it feels like a picture has something in it that makes it come to life. It can be hard to pinpoint what it is that makes a painting affect us so deeply.

Curt Källman created his own satin ultramarine colour. The painted canvas would seem to be covered, not in wet paint, but with pure, dry pigment - giving it a sense of space and luster. People saw it and wanted to know where they could get hold of this cosmic paint!

In the early 2000s Curt and I started to work out a recipe for this special blue colour, suited to sell at the Vedic Art Courses. Soon more colours were to be born! We made several nuances and named them after planets in our solar system. To this day the ultramarine colour “Space” and all other Källman colours are made by me with whisk and drill. Just as an artist might want to create paintings that are alive, I want to make paints that are full of life. My aim is to put my whole heart and soul into making of these unique colours!

Scientific research shows us that sound has the ability to affect our health and well-being. Beautiful music makes us feel good and very loud noise causes stress and worry. Studies in microscope on water crystals show that sound vibrations and music affect the crystals’ shape and texture. Sounds that we humans often experience as harmonious make the water crystal transform into beautiful patterns that resemble snowflakes. (Source: The Hidden Messages in Water, April 2004 Eng. 2001 Japan, Masuro Emoto). This is why I play music and Vedic mantras while making my colours! The sound vibrations from Vedic recitations help create that special something...


During our summer courses at Öland We are offering art material: paints, brushes, paper and canvas and much more.