Every year hundreds of participants experience the 17 Principles of Vedic Art through an array of courses all over the world

Vedic Art Course Levels

Foundation course(Level 1)

Continuation course(Level 2)

Advanced Courses

Teacher Training

Teacher Training C – For Vedic Art Teachers


In the Foundation course students are introduced to the 17 Principles, exercises and general approach of Vedic Art. No previous experience is required. The course runs for a minimum six days and 30 hours of theory and practice.


The students are presented with additions and extensive lectures on the Principles. Here you have time to receive individual support from Vedic art teachers throughout your painting process. The course runs for a minimum of four days and 20 hours of theory and practice.

the vedangas- ADVANCED COURSE

This is an Advanced course for those who have completed the Foundation and Continuation courses. The Subjects covered by the course are: Expression, Total Knowledge, Transformation, Measuring, Self Referral and Expansion in art and life!


Which courses are offered varies between countries. See your country's own website.

Courses online

To teach Vedic Art courses online is generally not allowed. However, a few teachers in Europe have received special, time-limited, permissions and undergone special teacher training to give courses online.

Teachers with a permission for offering courses online usually have previously held positions of trust with special assignments supporting Vedic Art nationally and/or internationally.

Vedic Art courses offered online can reach participants who live in remote locations, and courses are currently offered only by a small select group of teachers teaching in a small scale. The reason for this is to secure the quality of this initiative by evaluating it and developing the most successful methodology. For any questions please contact Vedic Art.

Course fee - Foundation & Continuation course

The standard course fee in Europe is between 200-600 € (updated Januari 2019). Guidelines for fees in your country can be found on your country's website or by contacting Vedic Arts via contact details found on your country's website.

Teacher Training - Course fee

The fixed price of the teacher training is determined within each country according to international guidelines. The price for teacher training within Europe is between 900 - 1 100 €. Please see your own country's website for the current price.


Photo: Joanna Bodzek

Photo: Joanna Bodzek