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Vedic Art® is a unique modern method and was founded as a Course in Sweden in 1988.
Vedic Art is a registered INternational trademark. © All rights reserved.

The only way to get access to Curt Källmans method and the 17 Principles is to join a Vedic Art course.


Vedic Art  ® Registered trademark number

Sweden 325532 (PRV 1997). European Union 014524482 (EUIPO 2015). International 1344798 (WIPO 2017). United States 5455666 (2018). All rights reserved.Johannes Källman, Sweden. The Curt Källman Method - Vedic Art


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All photo: (cc-by), by Joanna Bodzek Studio.
Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This license allows one to share images even for commercial use, so long as attribution is given to the author (photo by Joanna Bodzek).