Listen to Reflections of the PARTICIPANTS and feel the creative spirit...

This 15 minutes long video is an introduction to Vedic Art courses in artistic and personal development on the Swedish island Öland.
Produced by Vedic Art Academy in London, Paulina Mazurek. Copyright: Vedic Art Academy London and Vedic Art.

Vedic Art is a meeting of you and your everyday life using acrylics, paints, brushes and canvases. It is an act of expressing own feelings and own opinions without any assessment or the necessity of recognition by others.
— Paulina, London/ Höör

Already after first few days at my first Vedic Art course, I felt that I created in a new and freer way and that my productivity and joy raised as a result from an intense experience of Now beyond the limitations of intellect.
— Joanna, Stockholm

It’s all about seeing that everything I create is a reflection of myself and that I’m ok just as I am. From the very beginning, I appreciated the message of Vedic Art: to create without presure and that everyone may be exactly the way we are.
— Monika, Stockholm

I really like going to Vedic Art courses at Öland, to meet like-minded people and being in a creative and beautiful environment. When I paint, I feel totally alive and free. My soul, my heart, and my hands are in full focus and the time stand still for me there “
— Ann-Kristin , Skövde